The Problem

  • Scarcity of jobs in the fields young people wish to work in and have completed their higher education for
  • The expectation to gain that crucial first job experience through unpaid internships combined with the rising student loan debt
  • Archaic college admissions and company hiring processes that lead to ill-suited methods of assessing talent
  • The new design and innovation economy requires a different set of skills and capacities for job and wealth creation
  • Young people unable to find work in-line with their field of expertise and talent level, or unable to earn sufficient income
  • Outdated design of online job postings resulting in inefficient and defeating job search and application process

Akimbo's Solution

  • Working directly with employers to create new and exciting positions, apprenticeships and paid internships
  • Virtual internships and company projects to grant wider access to meaningful experience-building opportunities
  • The future of hiring and admission processes: a recruiting and talent evaluation portal suited to meet the demands of the new economy
  • Skills and capacity building challenges and assessing to develop innovation capacity in young people
  • Educating young people on new models of work and the possibility of combining part-time employment, freelancing, entrepreneurship, etc
  • Visually engaging and efficient design for posting, viewing, and applying to opportunities online

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Our Community

The future is there for people who are innovative, ambitious, and open to unusual or unexpected opportunities.

Wesly Bascom - Vermont Goose & Duck Co., founder and winner of the Akimbo Life Advance

When I'm on Akimbo, I'm always looking at the photos, videos, and projects that people are sharing. I think, "Maybe I should communicate with this person. Maybe we can share our ideas, and grow these concepts." The platform shows the endless potential of collaboration.

Paul Smith - Akimbo Connect member, college student, and entrepreneur