Akimbo provides workforce development programs and employers with the tools needed to streamline the hiring process.

We believe we must harness the pool of untapped talent that possesses the 21st century
workplace skills + capacities needed for the New Economy.  Thus, we seek the organizations and companies that value diverse talents and unique perspectives.

By working directly with workforce development programs, we are able to provide digital tools to those who need them the most - underserved populations.


Akimbo designs tools
for economic empowerment

Increase the marketability
 of job-seekers.

Creates an accessible location for direct opportunity & lesson sharing.

Empowers programs to assist job-seekers & easily share with employers.


Why Akimbo Exists.

The highest rates of unemployment can be found among individuals who face disadvantages in the job-seeking process.  We believe that these individuals possess talents that make them the perfect fit for New Economy jobs across various industries.

The issue: Unemployment % per populations

Akimbo offers students with disabilities an opportunity to utilize technology to best provide a voice and demonstration of their capabilities as a potential valuable member of the workforce.
— Esther Weinsten, Director of Employment Programs, KULANU
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The go-to platform for employers to launch diversity hiring campaigns

  • Discover a pipeline of candidates with specialized job skills training
  • Hire diversely and inclusively
  • Connect with local nonprofits and social enterprises to increase retention rates

Some of Our Amazing Partners