The new economy is driven by individuals rich with 21st century
workforce skills, talent, and potential.  

The Companies for the New Economy initiative elevates new forms of talent, understands vital social and economic value across all aspects of business, and opens up an avenue for design and innovation to flourish in the workplace. 


Akimbo Streamlines
diversity recruiting efforts

Connect with local non-profits and programs in your community.

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Search up-to-date 'living'  resumes of diverse,  job-ready talent.

Create a positive shift in company culture by embracing inclusion and diversity.

partnership goals

Akimbo is building a movement of companies committed to going beyond diversity policies to create truly inclusive workplace cultures, and we invite you to be a part of it.

By joining, we connect you with our network of nonprofit and social enterprise partners and thousands of talented individuals via our digital discovery platform.


Above all, we believe a company's success is rooted in the diverse perspectives and experiences of its team.

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