Remote Assistant for the Visually Impaired

Location: Remote
Industry: Tech, Communications
Job Type: Contract



CrowdViz is looking for a Customer Service Representative that is motivated and passionate about the role. The job description entails remotely assisting blind people via video chat with visual related tasks.  Contact for more details.


  • Must have following equipment:
    • Apple phone or iPod touch or iPad running iOS 8 & above OR Android Phone with video camera.
    • Headphones (or quiet area to block surrounding sound)
  • Must have wifi connection
  • Must be in quiet and safe area in order to interact with blind or vision impaired users
  • Contracted CSR must be fluent and speak clearly in English.

  • Contracted CSR must be able to use good judgement when it comes to the safety of the blind or vision impaired user.  

  • Contracted CSR must attend training.  Arrangements for training will be made specifically to the needs of the contractor (country day/time accommodations, use of Skype or FaceTime). Training is usually one day for 1-3 hours. 

  • Contracted CSR adheres and understands, “The Courtesy  Rules of Blindness” Published by the National Federation of the blind

  • Contracted CSR must report any issues, complaints or concerns to CrowdViz management as soon as possible. 

  • Contracted CSR is expected to constantly work towards 100% customer satisfaction and ask for assistance when expectations are not being met. 

  • Contracted CSR must submit to a background check. 

  • Contracted CSR understands that employer may request character references.

The beauty of this job is that it can be done from anywhere. You can be at home taking calls and getting paid. 



  1. A four-hour block time schedule will be published for sign up

  2. CrowdViz expects the Contracted CSR to be logged in and available during their selected time frame.

  3. If for some reason, the CCSR is unable to keep to their assigned time frame, they are expected to contact CrowdViz as soon as possible.

This is a contractual position (1099).  Payment is based on any successful answered calls. Contracted CSR is expected to submit a monthly invoice for compensation. 



 CrowdViz is dedicated to helping people enhance their daily lives.  CrowdViz is a mobile app that allows blind or visually impaired individuals to request live visual assistance, using a video streaming platform.  We utilize the up-most reliable technology in order to offer a quality product and a staff of trained and skilled assistants in order to achieve optimal customer service.

Please contact for more details.