Accelerating Summer 2014!

Just in case you were wondering ...Akimbo is alive and kicking! 

We apologize for our lack of updates, but we've had a very productive summer.  Thanks to Tumml and their amazing network, we've been busy expanding and working with new partners and clients in both San Francisco and New York. It has been a great journey, and we are just getting started. We promise to give a full update soon, but here's a quick preview of our summer (check out these mentions!):

>> Solving Urban Challenges in SF, San Francisco Chronicle

>> Entrepreneurs Developing Meaningful Technologies to Solve Our Toughest Local Challenges, Conscious Magazine

>> Why the Government Is Terrible at Helping You Get a Job, TIME.COM

An additional “tech for good” area ripe for innovation is job placement for the underserved and underemployed. Akimbo is a career development platform that re-imagines the hiring process while working to build a more inclusive workforce. Akimbo works with nonprofits like Henry Street Settlement to provide individuals with digital portfolios to best showcase their talents and boost professional exposure by giving employers direct access to the userbases of job training organizations.

Stay tuned for an official update!

Danielle GagliotiComment