Apps for Impact!: Merging Social Impact and Mobile Technology

Fun (and seriously relevant) Fact: By 2017, 5.1 billion people around the globe will be mobile phone users.

Akimbo recently announced a partnership between Akimbo Labs and TurnToTech, a NYC-based software development and computer programming school that boasts a free co-working and event space. We excitedly launched this initiative with APPS FOR IMPACT! -- an app pitching challenge and event for those with innovative mobile application ideas or anyone just interested in apps with a social impact.

Craig Delsack, an intellectual property attorney and expert, opened the Apps for Impact event with an interesting talk about the value of ideas and the best practices for developing them. This led straight into the pitches of the evening: six individuals specifically chosen to present their unique social impact app ideas. Due to concerns with intellectual property, we cannot share the ideas as yet, but concepts ranged from health-conscious apps to global nonprofit networks. 

The event proved to be an eye-opener for both attendees and presenters, as it provided a great platform for the discussion of social impact technology and its future. 

Akimbo Labs and TurnToTech are planning to host more events simliar to this in the future. If you'd like to know more about this event and to be notified about future events, please sign up at

About TurnToTech

TurnToTech is a software company with a focus on software education. TurnToTech offers technology entrepreneurs and professionals, who are looking for an edge in today’s highly rewarding technology world an accelerator based environment where they get to rapidly acquire computer programming and software engineering skills by constantly working on challenging projects in collaboration with world-class mentors.

About Akimbo Labs

Design, innovation, new ideas, disruptive thinking…. Akimbo believes that this is what is needed to move us forward. Akimbo Labs was launched to harness the brain power of our community to shape our own company’s solutions and to provide a forum for our users to crowdsource feedback and support for their own projects.