Support the Free to Dream Project

Akimbo has launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign -- The Free to Dream Project! 

We strongly believe in the infinite potential of all individuals and subsequently in their fundamental need for opportunity. Unfortunately, for individuals coming from marginalized communities, including disabled populations - market systems, corporations, and individuals often disregard their talents and abilities. 

Through the "Free to Dream" project, Akimbo aims to raise funds to build custom digital professional development networks for nonprofit organizations and social innovation companies looking to empower disabled populations. 

Overall, these networks will provide a platform for helping individuals build their professional brand, overcome the boundaries specific to their situation through custom tools, discover and access opportunities, and connect to mentors, companies, and individuals vested in supporting the pursuit of their dreams. 

Support our campaign by visiting our campaign page and making a donation. Check out the awesome perks that we have lined-up, many of which include custom products designed by young disabled artists/designers.

Please visit and share The Free to Dream Project page at

Our goal is raise $25,000 but our mission is to far exceed this to increase the amount of networks we can build and change we can inspire. Every donation counts, so please consider making one and spreading the word to friends and family! Perhaps consider one of our "Free to Dream" products as a holiday gift... 

With a donation, you can receive the Official Free to Dream Campaign shirt!