Sparking the 21st Century Initiative: Akimbo Partners with Goodwill!

A new year is about reflecting on the past year -- the good and the bad -- and moving forward, right? 2014 was a crazy year for Akimbo, comprised of a roller coaster of successes and 'almosts'. And now it is 2015, and we are ready to move onward and upward with all of the learning experiences of the past year. It's a new year, a new you, and for Akimbo: a new partnership! With Goodwill San Francisco!

When we think of Goodwill, most of us conjure up a vision of famous rapper Macklemore rolling through a thrift store in a gently used mink coat.  However, since its inception in 1902, Goodwill Industries has become one of America’s largest nonprofit organizations, providing much more than bargain-priced clothing. 

Every year, Goodwill serves approximately 9.8 million individuals in their workforce development programs.  From specialized job training, to community-based programs and employment placement services, Goodwill works with veterans, the formerly incarcerated, homeless individuals, and many others who face significant boundaries to employment.  

Akimbo Goodwill Community

In 2002, on top of celebrating its 100th anniversary, Goodwill launched the Goodwill Industries 21st Century Initiative with the goal of placing 20 million individuals into the workforce by 2020.  With the launch of this initiative, the organization has placed a high priority on providing new business opportunities, family support services, and specialized technology training to meet the demands of the New Economy.

  Goodwill + Akimbo Partnership Official Selfie. 

Goodwill + Akimbo Partnership Official Selfie. 

In partnering with Goodwill’s workforce development program in San Francisco, we at Akimbo have seen this initiative in action.  By providing Goodwill with our technology, working hands-on with their seasoned staff, and having a shared vision of a more inclusive workforce, we plan to build on this tremendous momentum and be an integral part of the 21st Century Initiative. 

Get excited.