A Mission, A Purpose.

As start-ups grow, it’s no secret that they must learn to adjust to their market and acclimate to better serve their customers. It’s a science, it’s a business. But for Akimbo, it’s deeper.

When first launching Akimbo a few years back, we all knew that that was something that needed to happen -- we set out with a plan: to reach out to as many people and social impact organizations as possible and truly delve into the character of their fabric.

But I don’t think any of us ever never knew that it would take us on such a serious journey, personally and professionally.  From young sustainable food farmers in Vermont to tech geniuses in San Francisco, we met and spoke to thousands of people from all walks of life, each with an interesting story of their own.  We listened to their personal life stories, how it impacted their education and career, and what their aspirations were. We asked what ‘meaningful work’ meant to them, how they felt about the employment space, and discussed the trials and tribulations of our current economy.  

Although each story had it’s own unique circumstances, we saw ourselves in them, and we felt true connection over shared struggles. After all, each of us on the Akimbo team have our own story of how we discovered the true impact of ‘meaningful work’.

These conversations have made Akimbo what it is today -- a tangible tool to better the job-seeking and hiring processes, and an authentic movement to catalyze true economic inclusion.

It is through these past and current discussions that make us confident to say: we are more than a tech start-up, we are the voice of all untapped potential. These echoed concerns and stories are the blueprint of our mission, they are the architecture of our company.

We know there are good jobs out there -- employment that is both sustainable and meaningful, with the ability to change a person’s life. Akimbo seeks these jobs, with the goal of empowering society’s underdogs.

And we feel there is nothing more important than this; it is why we exist, it’s our mission.