Akimbo is an inclusive job-matching and placement service for companies seeking highly qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.


Our Mission

Every day, thousands of qualified, hard-working candidates are overlooked or unjustly barred from the recruiting process due to traditional hiring practices that, at their core, are discriminatory. Our goal is to eliminate tedious talent pipelines and outdated diversity quotas so that companies can shift their energy towards building a workplace that is authentically inclusive.

Akimbo addresses some very important needs of the under-employed that are lacking in other resume/job-seeking tools, namely the ability to describe oneself in a way that is sufficiently flexible as to highlight one’s own best attributes without over-exposing a lack of traditional work experience.
— David Saunier, President, One Economy Corp.


 Meet the Akimbo Team.


Adrienne Rochetti 
Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate about social entrepreneurship and social good, Adrienne co-founded Akimbo and is the CEO. By focusing on propelling the company's growth through valuable partnerships, marketing initiatives, and strategic alliances, she works to build Akimbo as both a company and a movement. Adrienne has also served as the Director of Business Development for Let All The Children Play Foundation. Prior, she worked in Global Business Development for the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Michael Alon
Co-Founder & CFO

Michael is Akimbo's co-founder and CEO. He has also founded two highly successful internet-based companies, Network60.com and RadioStakes and is a real estate developer with numerous projects across the country. Passionate about inclusion, Michael is also the founder, chairman, and major benefactor of the Let All the Children Play Foundation (LATCP), a nonprofit charitable foundation that promotes inclusion through sport and play for children with disabilities and their able-bodied peers.


Danielle Gaglioti
Co-Founder & Product and content director

Excited by all things tech and design, Danielle uses her interactions with the Akimbo community to build an inventive and practical product. Gaglioti’s expertise is in content and technology, and she has helped various start-ups successfully launch content campaigns focused on social impact.  Before joining the Akimbo, Danielle worked as a media producer and consultant for various start-ups as well as Rutgers University’s Department of Research and Economic Development. She is currently a mentor for organizations serving formerly incarcerated individuals and young people in the LGBTQ community.

Mckenzie bio pic.jpg

Mackenzie Hughes
Business Development

Mackenzie is Akimbo’s Head of Business Development.  She specializes in broadening the company’s network of nonprofit and corporate clients, strategizing Akimbo’s marketing tactics, and evolving the overall business plans.  Prior to working with Akimbo, Mackenzie was a field account marketing manager with CerconeBrown&Co., and spent about two years directing fundraising and electoral campaigns for a variety of major NPOs and political candidates.